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Wyoming Wildlife Coming out of Winter in Great Shape

April 21, 2009.

An article in the Casper Star-Tribune adds more detail to what we've already heard this year: Weather-wise, a best-case scenario is shaping up for Wyoming's wildlife and for big game hunters in the fall.

From the Star-Trib:

Many of the state's mule deer, pronghorn antelope and elk herds fared well over what was mostly a mild winter, according to wildlife managers at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Despite some heavy storms at times, there wasn't an accumulation of deep snows on the animals' wintering ranges at lower elevations, so winter mortality was below normal in almost all regions.

Open conditions on wintering grounds mean Wyoming's big game herds are numerous and in good physical condition. Meanwhile, the state's rangelands, choked dry from years of drought, are recovering with the second year in a row of much-needed spring moisture.

Read the complete story at the Star-Trib's website.

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