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New Lead-Free Rifle Ammunition from Winchester

February 26, 2009.

From Winchester Ammunition:

Consumer demand for Winchester® Ammunition’s E-Tip® lead-free bullet is growing among big-game hunters in states that have lead-free regulations. To continue meeting all of the demands of hunters across North America, Winchester Ammunition is expanding its E-Tip line by producing lead-free ammunition in .270 Winchester, .300 Win. Mag and 7mm. 

The E-Tip bullet was co-developed with Nosler® and features an E2™ energy expansion cavity, which promotes consistent upset at a variety of impact ranges. The bullet is made of a copper alloy instead of pure copper, which helps prevent barrel fouling and provides for a high-performance sporting bullet that is lead-free.

The polycarbonate tip, like that featured on XP³®, Accubond-CT® and Ballistic Silvertip® bullets, prevents deformation in the magazine, boosts aerodynamic efficiency and initiates expansion. The E-Tip’s high quality and consistent performance provide unsurpassed penetration and weight retention.  It is an excellent choice even in the states that do not require the use of lead-free products.

Key features of the Winchester E-Tip bullet include:

  • E2 cavity promotes expansion at long and short ranges and improves accuracy
  • Copper alloy metal lead-free design provides near 100 percent weight retention and helps prevent barrel fouling compared to pure copper bullets
  • Polycarbonate tip resists deformation, improves down-range ballistics
  • Boat-tail design reduces drag and provides a more efficient flight profile for higher retained energy at long range
  • Lubalox® coating helps prevent barrel fouling
  • Availability: Now
E-Tip is loaded exclusively by Winchester and is available in the following calibers:
*The 2009 products are in bold.

Bullet Grain Symbol
270 WSM 130 gr. S270SET
270 Winchester 130 gr. S270WET
30-06 Springfield 180 gr. S3006ET
30-06 Springfield 150 gr. S3006ETA
300 WSM 180 gr. S300SET
300 WSM 150 gr. S300SETA
300 Win Mag. 180 gr. S300WMET
300 Win Mag 150 gr. S300WMETA
308 Winchester 150 gr. S308ETA
7mm Rem Mag
7mm WSM
140 gr. S7RMFT

“Hunters should feel confident when they load-up with Winchester E-Tip,” said Glen Weeks, Winchester Ammunition Centerfire product manager.

For more information about Winchester® Ammunition and its complete line of products, visit  

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