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More on the New World Record Elk

February 19, 2009.

The Olympian, a paper out of Washington, published an article giving some more background on Denny Austad, the hunter who took the new world record elk in Utah last year. Austad is an avid hunter, reloader, and designer of custom rifles.

"No one in their right mind really sets out to shoot a state record or a world record," Austad said. "That's just luck of the draw and the stars line up. One definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

Last fall, Austad spent 13 days with an outfitter on Monroe Mountain in central Utah. During that time, he overcame a bout of carbon monoxide poisoning that slowed him for several days and worked harder than ever before on a hunt before firing a split-second shot on Sept. 30 just as the elusive bull spotted him.

"When I shot the spider bull, he went straight down," said Austad. "It was a 180-yard shot and it was a clean shot. It vaporized 68 percent of the liver. When you have rifles that perform like that, you get tremendous results."

For more on "The Spider Bull" that became the new world record, see our previous coverage.

For the complete text of the Olympian article, see their website.


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